5 Cool Items Oprah Winfrey Is Auctioning Off, Because You Know You Want To Get Your Hands On Oprah's Crap

If you happen to live in Chicago and have a couple extra million dollars lying around somewhere, you might have a chance to snatch up Oprah Winfrey's stuff during an auction. Winfrey is moving her Chicago-based Harpo Studios to the fancy new OWN headquarters in West Hollywood, and she's auctioning off her personal belongings before she goes. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Winfrey is looking to unload about 500 items from her Water Tower Palace condo with an auction on April 25 conducted by Leslie Hindman Auctioneers. Auctions: garage sales for rich people!

According to founder Leslie Hindman,

Our firm has enormous respect for Ms. Winfrey and all that she has accomplished and achieved, and we are privileged to handle the sale of property from her Chicago residence. Oprah’s acumen as a media icon and businesswoman has been an inspiration for millions. Perhaps even more inspiring is her dedication to altruistic endeavors, built on the foundation of sharing her success to better the lives of others.

Proceeds will benefit Oprah's Leadership Academy Foundation, which supports the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa.

The auction will include "English, French and Continental furniture and decorative pieces, paintings, prints, drawings, porcelain, crystal, silver, memorabilia, clothing and accessories," People reports. A full catalogue of items isn't available yet, but here are some of the coolest things we know are being offered for sale.

This Painting Of Cute Dogs

Oprah doesn't comb the Internet for cat GIFs and cute animal videos. She buys actual animal art. This painting by Maude Earl.

This Decorative End Table

USE A COASTER. (Mandatory coasters not included.)

This Vintage Bike

Perfect for riding about town with a handlebar mustache and artisanal toast.

This Fancy Clock

Austrian Giltwoord Cartel Clock... or Etsy?

These Intricate Porcelain Vases

YOU get a porcelain vase! YOU get a porcelain vase! EVERYBODY GETS A PORCEAIN VASE!

Images: Leslie Hindman Auctioneers (5)