Lena Dunham Is On 'Scandal' & She's Not The Only Girl From 'Girls' Who Could Handle The Show

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On Thursday, Girls ' Lena Dunham comes to Scandal in what is sure to be a dramatic and unforgettable arc. Dunham is playing a character named Kinky Sue — a nickname likely given to her for her sexual exploits — who pens a tell-all book about her pillow talk with D.C.'s elite. Although seeing her go toe-to-toe with Olivia Pope will be exciting, I can't help but get greedy and wonder what kind of drama the other girls from Girls could stir up in the nation's capital.

Since Dunham is set for a multiple-episode arc, Shonda Rhimes would probably have to wait another season to bring in Allison Williams, Jemima Kirke, Zosia Mamet, or even Gillian Jacobs, but just in case she needs some ideas, here's what they could bring to the table.

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