The Spring Coats And Jackets Your Wardrobe Needs Now, Even If It's Still Technically Winter

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Now that the weather is finally starting to warm up, it's time to set your bulky winter coat on fire while dancing a happy jig around the flames. Erm... I mean, store it carefully in the back of your closet to make room for spring coats and jackets. You'll need it next winter, after all.

Although it makes sense to have just one really good winter coat in a sensible color that you wear every day, spring outerwear is a totally different ballgame. The weather changes wildly on a day to day basis, and you no longer need a coat that's so bulky it takes up all of your closet space. Spring is the perfect time to update your outerwear collection with not one but multiple jackets. After all, a girl needs options — especially when it's warm and sunny one moment but pouring rain the next.

Whether you're looking for the perfect spring festival outfit topper or a smart layering choice for the office, I've got you covered. Click through for ten of the best of-the-moment outerwear choices, handpicked for your spring wardrobe.

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