Who Is Paloma Jimenez? Vin Diesel's Girlfriend Is A Model & Part Of One Seriously Adorable Family

Paloma Jiménez is more than just Vin Diesel's girlfriend. Diesel and Jiménez announced the birth of their third child on Monday in an adorable post on Diesel's Facebook page. And while they made this news public, the couple seems to like their privacy, especially when it comes to their kids. That said, Jiménez has been known to step out with Diesel for events and has had an impressive career of her own, so let's get to know her a little better.

Jiménez is a 31-year-old model who was born in Acapulco, Mexico and has reportedly been represented by the modeling agencies Two Management, ID Model Management, and Look Models. She's appeared in commercials for Honda, Pantene, and Coca-Cola.

Jiménez and Diesel started dating back in 2007, and had their first child Hania Riley a year later. Hania Riley is currently six, and the couple also has a four-year-old son named Vincent. In 2013, the couple officially introduced their family to the public when they visited The Tonight Show With Jay Leno in one of the cutest TV appearances of all time. Since then, Jiménez has accompanied Diesel to many events such as the premiere of Riddick and to accept his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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Previously, the premiere of Furious 7 was moved from Abu Dhabi to Los Angeles, reportedly so Diesel could be near by Jiménez in case she gave birth, since the movie was to be released around the time of her due date. A source told The Hollywood Reporter, "He wants to be with his family at the birth; it’s a beautiful thing,” says a source. “What human being wouldn’t? Furious 7 will be released in theaters April 3, so looks like the baby was a little early.

We may not get be getting any new details about Jiménez and Diesel's new baby while they keep to themselves, but we could see Jiménez step out again at the Furious 7 premiere.

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