'Hell No: The Sensible Horror Film' Trailer Is the Answer to All Those Stupid Scary Movie Tropes

I don't really remember when my love of scary movies started, but I do know that somewhere between me running out of the theater during The Ring and me laughing all the way through the remake of Nightmare on Elm Street, horror movies became the ultimate guilty pleasure, which is why this new YouTube trailer for the fictional movie Hell No: The Sensible Horror Film totally rocks. It's the ultimate anti-horror film, full of people who make smart decisions when faced with horror,

Sure, I love critically acclaimed horror like The Shining and Psycho, but I'm not all that biased. If it's trying to scare me, I'll probably watch it... even if it's a straight-to-DVD sequel (Revenge of Chucky, anyone?).

And of course, just because I love films that try to scare me doesn't mean that I actually get scared. Why? Partly it's due to the lame horror film tropes that have taken over most films in the genre. Films like Scream and last year's Cabin in the Woods poked fun at the cookie-cutter ways that horror character's get killed off. Their major point? Characters get hacked into bits by the wielding psycho and sucked in the television by the poltergeist because they make really dumb decisions.

How many times have you screamed at the movie screen (or, if you're like me, your laptop with Netflix queued up), "DON'T LOOK IN THE BASEMENT!" "DON'T SPLIT UP THE GROUP!" "DON'T BREAK INTO THE HAUNTED ASYLUM!"

Honestly, some people are just asking for a horrific death.

Which is why this new YouTube trailer is perfect. Randy from Scream would be so proud.

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