10 Reasons 'The Vampire Diaries' Katherine Pierce Needs To Make A Comeback

I'm sure any fan would agree: There's no doubt that Katherine Pierce was the ultimate villain of The Vampire Diaries . Her crimes ranged from the countless murders of innocent people (though even our heroes on this show are guilty of that) and turning unsuspecting blondes (ahem, Caroline) into vampires to breaking the hearts of not one, but two Salvatore brothers. Yes, Katherine may have deserved the death she received in Season 5 due to her villain-ness... but that doesn't mean that I miss her any less.

Katherine may have been heartless and downright evil, but she was also a major reason why I love The Vampire Diaries so much. A Katherine episode is always a good episode, and while she may share doppelganger DNA with Elena, her evil ways ensured she was a much better time than our good girl vamp. Katherine was the fun evil twin of Elena you secretly always wanted around, even if she did ultimately cause everyone a whole lot of strife.

It's been far too long since we've seen Katherine (probably because she's dead and seemingly in hell...) but, if the world ever did need to resurrect Katherine — well, I'd be more than OK with that. Here's why I still miss Katherine, long after her demise:

She's fiercely independent.

Sure, Katherine may have led a lonely existence, but her ability to protect herself ultimately kept her alive — in the vampire sense, at least.

She knows how to make an entrance.

All eyes fall on Katherine when she walks into a room. It's inevitable.

She's an excellent multitasker.

Which is probably why she dated Damon and Stefan at the same time.

She's basically a Disney princess.

Sure, an evil Disney princess, but check out those flashback dresses! Amazing.

She makes the best facial expressions.

Elena may be slightly stoic, but you know exactly how Katherine feels just by glancing at her face.

She's got killer confidence.

She knows she's fierce and she owns it.

She knows how to get what she wants.

Even if she has to get tough about it.

Her style is on point.

Just because you're on the run doesn't mean you can't invest in footwear.

She has amazing taste in men.

Of course she's been with the Salvatore brothers, but she's also macked on Elijah, Klaus, and a slew of other supernatural hotties. Good eye, Katherine.

She's ridiculously fabulous.

Whether Katherine is a human, Traveler, or vampire, she's supernaturally fabulous — fangs optional. We miss you, Kat. RIP.

Images: Giphy (2); katherinescorsets, misskathgifs/tumblr