'The Voice' Contestant Tess Boyer Is Missing According To Her Friends, But A News Station Claims There’s A Simple Explanation — UPDATE

If you're a fan of NBC's The Voice, then you've heard of Tess Boyer. She first made headlines while starring on Season 6 of the singing competition. But on Tuesday, reports came in saying that Tess Boyer was missing and hadn't been seen for three weeks. However, that doesn't seem to be the case. According to KSDK News Channel 5, Boyer is not missing, and there's a simple explanation as to where she's been "hiding." (Update: Tess Boyer posted a video to YouTube later on Tuesday explaining that she's OK and was just choosing to leave social media.)

The St. Louis, Missouri news station individually tweeted Boyer's friends and followers informing them that she's been taking a little break from social media. The tweet reads as follows:

We have spoken to Tess Boyer and she is taking a break from social media to focus on other projects.

The rumors of Boyer's supposed disappearance started making headlines after her friends began tweeting their concern for her absence with the hashtag "#FindTessBoyer". Apparently, they hadn't heard from her and started to get worried. The fact that Boyer's social media accounts were deleted and fellow Voice contestant Bria Kelly said Boyer's family wasn't answering calls or visits fueled the rumors and people's concerns.

Now, the St. Louis news channel is alerting everyone that Boyer is reportedly fine, but is just taking a step back from social media and possibly even the spotlight.

However, Kelly is not convinced. As you can see above, she alleges that KSDK did not "speak" to Boyer directly. Kelly continues to post tweets in hopes of finding her friend who she still believes to be missing.