Wes Bentley Joins 'American Horror Story: Hotel' As A Regular & His Character Should Take This As Inspiration

Fans were bummed recently when they learned that Jessica Lange officially won't return for the fifth season of American Horror Story, but now at least there's some good casting news. According to a tweet from American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy, Wes Bentley has joined American Horror Story: Hotel as a series regular. The actor, famous for his role as the "plastic bag guy" from American Beauty, isn't a newcomer to the AHS family — he appeared in three episodes of American Horror Story: Freak Show as the two-faced supernatural being Edward Mordrake. Though Mordrake was a recurring role on the series, Bentley seemed to have impressed Murphy and the rest of the gang enough to secure regular status on the new season. Now the question is, who will he actually play?

We know very little about the new season of the FX anthology series, save for that it will be a very different one with "hotel" as the theme. So how can Bentley fit into this new show? He could very well borrow from some other iconic horror characters that checked into hotels. Here are the character types that Bentley might be asked to portray on the new series.

The Creepy Bellhop

Perhaps the creepiest thing about bellhops is that their job just seems so antiquated — no one actually needs someone to press the elevator button in a normal hotel. Still, they're a staple of horror flicks filmed in hotels — the person who is always watching and observing guests patterns while barely registering on their radar. And in a haunted hotel, there's always a chance that your bellhop really died 100 years ago in a horrific elevator crash. Make sure to tip well.

The Unsettling Owner

Bentley would be perfect for a Norman Bates-esque role. Perhaps his family has owned the hotel for years despite the horrors that happened within it, and now he's stuck dealing with the maid staff, the guests, and the freeloading ghosts that won't leave. Or, if American Horror Story: Hotel wants to do away with the supernatural entirely, Bentley could play the owner who slowly murders his guests overtime. I shudder to think of the Yelp reviews on this place.

The Permanent Guest

And by "permanent," I mean dead. I can't imagine an American Horror Story season without at least one ghost, and considering that Bentley already has practice with the supernatural on this show, he'd fit the bill. This season could revert back to the very first season, where many of the main characters were dead all along. Bentley's character might not even know he's dead — he could just assume he's on a very extended vacation.

No matter who Bentley plays, he'll be an excellent addition to the new cast — not to mention a very, very creepy one.

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