Lena Dunham Reveals 'Girls' Season 3 Premiere Date In the Most Perfect Way

Lena Dunham announced the Season 3 premiere date of Girls , her show about female NYC twenty-somethings, in the most female, NYC twenty-something way possible: Instagram. Dunham, Girls' star/writer/creator, posted a photo on Wednesday of the start date of the show's third season — January 12, 2014 — written in lipstick on a mirror.

As far as we know, the show will pick up where the second season finale, the romantic, heartwarming "Together," left off. The last we saw the Girls crew, Hannah and Adam had reunited, Shoshanna and Ray had broken up, Marnie and Charlie had gotten back together, and Jessa was still M.IA. Now that Christopher Abbott's off the show, it'll be interesting to see how the writers decide to handle the Charlie situation. Will he be dead? Moved away? Long gone after finally realizing that he shouldn't be with a girl who thought serenading a crowded room with "Stronger" was a good idea? Unfortunately, we'll have to wait three more months to find out.

HBO also revealed the start dates to two new shows, including Looking, a dramedy starring Glee's Jonathan Groff, Guiding Light's Murray Bartlett, and Smash's Frankie J. Alvarez. The plot centers around the three gay men's social and professional lives in San Francisco — in short, Girls for guys. Looking will premiere on Sunday, January 19 at 10:30.

On Sunday, January 12 at 9 PM, the Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson-starring True Detectives will premiere. The actors star in the drama as Louisiana detectives whose 17-year-long hunt for a killer begins to get out of hand. Michelle Monaghan co-stars as Harrelson's wife.

Both Looking and True Detectives have potential, but we're most excited about seeing our Girls return in just a few short months. As annoying as Hannah, Shosh and the others can be, we've missed them in the time since they last appeared on our TV screens. Here's hoping Season 3 of Girls is less uneven than Season 2 was, but even if it's not, you know we'll be tuning.

Image: Jessica Miglio/HBO