Daisy & Marcus Have Never Even Spoken On 'Catfish'

by Kayla Hawkins

The next couple to appear on Season 4 of Catfish , Daisy and Marcus from the March 18 episode, may be able to boast having the least amount of contact of any pair in the show's history. They text, they message, and they met in the comments on Daisy's Instagram — but they've never spoken on the phone before. Guest host Tyler Oakley, a Youtube star, has been called in as the replacement for Max while he's off shooting his movie. And he is in for a classic Catfish that Max would be able to walk through with literally no effort whatsoever. No talking on the phone? Time to do some serious digging.

MTV only released a very short trailer in advance of this episode, but two minutes is all they need, because this story pretty much writes itself. And it doesn't seem like it's going to be a happy ending. One of the most interesting things about this week's couple is that after doing a little digging on Marcus Measimer, it seems like he is a real person. He's credited as a producer on a lot of Youtube videos, and if you google Marcus Measimer, a Vimeo profile and a Soundcloud account come up, a lot more evidence than usual about a Catfish false identity. I think Marcus Measimer may actually be a real person, even though his pics may turn out to be fake. Oh, and Marcus' Youtube channel? Just subscribed to Tyler Oakley.

But Nev brought up a key point — if they've never talked on the phone, but have exchanged numbers and Daisy has attempted to reach out before, that's a really big red flag. Without ever hearing her boyfriend's voice, there's no way for her to know who she's really been talking to via texts. It becomes a lot easier to imagine that Daisy's being duped. And I think it's pretty clear that she knows this, as her face in the trailer looks like she's trying her best to come to terms with some bad news.

Poor Daisy. But according to her Twitter, she's not doing too poorly. She's still taking selfies that make her look like a Catfish-er, not a Catfish-ee. And she's even added "#CATFISH #SEASONFOUR" to her bio.

Sounds like Daisy will either find out that she's better off without Marcus in her life, or, somehow, discover that Marcus is really who he claims to be. There's no way to know until the episode airs.

Images: MTV (2)