How Scary Will Tom Hiddleston's 'Crimson Peak' Be?

When I first saw the trailer for Crimson Peak I noticed it was definitely tapping into a creepy side, but just how scary will Tom Hiddleston's Crimson Peak be? The premise of the film is that everyone is living in "a house that breathes, bleeds... and remembers." And if that wasn't unsettling enough, two very knowledgeable sources have confirmed that the movie is really frightening. Although it doesn't premiere until October, Master of fright Stephen King recently saw a screening of the movie and he had high praise for the scare factor.

"Crimson Peak electrified me in the same way Sam Rami's Evil Dead electrified me when I saw it for the first time way back in the day," the author tweeted. "Gorgeous and just f***ing terrifying."

King's son Joe Hill, who is also an author, was on hand to see the movie too and had nothing but kind words for the terrifying flick. "Crimson Peak is [director] Del Toro's blood-soaked Age of Innocence, a gloriously sick waltz through Daphne Du Maurier territory," Hill tweeted. (Du Maurier wrote The Birds which Alfred Hitchcock later adapted.)

But Crimson Peak is more than just horror for horror's sake. Hill said the movie as a whole was beautiful. “Remember that list I tweeted the other day, the 13 most beautiful horror films?" Hill said on Twitter. "Crimson Peak is the most beautiful of all."

It's rare that a scary movie also retains a kind of elegance about it, but it seems like Crimson Peak has done just that. King and Hill just made me even more excited to see the beautiful, terrifying film this October. Provided I can handle watching anything that freaked out Stephen King, that is.

Image: Universal Pictures