Kendall Jenner Talks Bruce Jenner & Reminds Us That Unconditional Support Is What Matters Most In A Family — UPDATE

Say what you want about this famous family, but they're pretty good about having each others' backs when it comes to sensitive issues. Case in point, Kendall Jenner opened up about her dad Bruce Jenner supposedly coming out as transgender in a loving and refreshingly frank way. Her words emphasize how important unconditional family love and support is.

(Update: Kendall Jenner tweeted on Wednesday afternoon, "how is it legal for someone to "quote" someone and publish it if in fact you never said what was quoted." While she didn't expand, this could be related to her Us Weekly interview.)

On Saturday at Justin Bieber's Comedy Central Roast, Jenner spoke to Us Weekly about the oft-discussed rumor that her father is supposedly planning to come out as transgender. Bruce hasn't made a statement thus far about this speculation, so it continues to be unconfirmed. Thus far, Kim Kardashian has obliquely referred to a "journey" that Bruce is currently undergoing, but didn't state what the nature of the journey was explicitly. As for Kendall, she managed to acknowledge these rumors without admitting anything while emphasizing what matters: the fact that she's there for her dad. She said,

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Undoubtedly, some will see this quote as Kendall admitting to Bruce's transition. Jenner outright states that she loves her dad as "a man or a woman," and though one could interpret this statement as her confirming the rumors, she could just be addressing the ubiquitous media chatter, and making the point that she loves Bruce no matter what.

Ultimately, her remarks express that she's focusing on what's important. She returns the same unconditional love to her dad that he has given to her. Whether or not Bruce is "changing shoes" when it comes to the way he presents himself or otherwise, it's clear that he has the support and positive regard necessary to navigate significant life changes. Or, you know, the support and love necessary for living in general.

Bustle has reached out to Kendall Jenner for comment.

Editors Note: Until/unless Jenner has personally confirmed the transgender rumors and the intention to begin presenting as a woman, Bustle will continue to refer to the track star as a man and father, using male pronouns. Jenner deserves the courtesy of being able to “tell his story his way” when ready, as step-daughter Kim said, and Bustle will only make those changes if/when Jenner confirms.

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