This 'Pretty Woman' Cast Reunion Will Make You Feel Super Nostalgic & Maybe A Little Old — VIDEO

I hope you were planning on spending the day feeling old, because I have a nostalgia bomb to drop on you — the Pretty Woman cast just had a 25 year reunion on air on the Today Show. Yeah, I'm gonna let that sink in for a second. Pretty Woman came out 25 years ago. And what have you done since then, y'know? Just basically watched the hands of time go around the clock and wasted your youth probably. Whomp whomp. (I feel you guys, I'm going through the exact same thing over here — having to fight back the urge to get a cat and stock my fridge with pints of Ben & Jerry's and just give up. But I can't do that yet, because I have to tell you about this reunion. Ready to get back into it? OKAY.)

In case you're not familiar, Pretty Woman came out in 1990, and was basically a Cinderella story starring Julia Roberts as a prostitute Vivian Ward, who falls into an unlikely love story with the rich, entitled prick Edward Lewis, played by Richard Gere. The film is pretty widely considered to be one of the most classic romcoms of all time. And, yet, this was the first time its cast got together in over two decades!

Roberts and Gere were both present for the reunion at Today, filming an interview with Matt Lauer that will air next Tuesday, Mar. 24. They were eventually joined by costars Hector Elizondo, who played the kindly hotel manager, Laura San Giacomo, who played Vivian's roommate, and director Garry Marshall.

Nice to see you guys, but promise me you'll slow down time a little bit so the next 25 years don't speed by quite this fast? Cool, thanks.