New 'Mockingjay, Part 2' Teaser Will Have Every Fan Thinking These 7 Things — VIDEO

This next bit of news requires absolutely no introduction. The first official Mockingjay Part 2 teaser has arrived and brought with it the ferocity and frenzy of a 1,000 burning fires, which makes its tagline of "The Fire Will Burn Forever" all the more fitting. The follow-up to the last film from The Hunger Games franchise obviously has plenty of hype surrounding its upcoming release, which only intensifies the wait for the film's Nov. 30 premiere. That is an awfully long time to wait, so it's a good thing that the previews are already rolling in at such an early stage in the game.

But before you guys get a little too pumped over this new Mockingjay trailer, there's one thing we need not forget from the promotion of Mockingjay, Part 1 — those nifty geniuses behind The Hunger Games' marketing campaign have mastered the skill of teasing fans until they're nearly insane with anticipation. Although, I certainly don't intend to kill anyone's vibe, this trailer is pretty much more of the same "less is more" approach, but gosh, do I want more.

At less than a minute, the trailer took me through a range of emotions and at this point, I'm almost riled up enough to stage my own rebellion, but I'll relax for now because this is only the first of many previews to come.

Still, though, I can't be the only person thinking these 7 thoughts while watching the Mockingjay Part 2 trailer:

“The Mockingjay Part 2 trailer! This is about to be sooo GOOD.”

*salivates profusely*

"Gah! I hear voices!"


"The Mockingjay pin is awesome, but this can't be the actual preview."

*Tries hard not to panic*

"Um, the action better happen soon because this clip is only 46 seconds long."

This suspense is unbearable.

"Like, they’re really not going to show us even a glimpse of a scene?"

Seriously?! This might be reason enough for another multi-District revolt.

"Do the Mockingjay filmmakers hate us this much?"

Because this just might be the rudest film teaser of all time.

But wait — did Katniss just say, “Turn your weapons to the Capitol” for real?!

It’s. About. To. Go. Down.

Check out the full Mockingjay Part 2 trailer below:

The Hunger Games on YouTube

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