Will Adam Driver Be In 'Girls' Season 5? He's Crazy Busy, But His Character Is Too Important To Ditch

Since the premiere of Season 1 of Girls in 2012, Adam Driver has blossomed. That's not saying his talent wasn't appreciated before Girls, but now Driver is being tapped for big title movies such as Star Wars and This Is Where I Leave You. With his growing popularity in Hollywood, and his growing resume of blockbusters, it isn't out of the realm of possibilities to worry that Driver might not return for Season 5 of Girls because he's busy wielding a light saber for JJ Abrams. But fear not, because it seems as if Driver could remain on the show, per Lena Dunham.

In an interview that Dunham gave The Daily Beast in mid-February, Dunham said that Driver wasn't leaving Girls anytime soon. And all I can say is TGFLD (Thank God For Lena Dunham), because I don't know what anxiety I would have gone through thinking the Season 4 finale (or maybe the first few episodes of Season 5) was the last we'd see of Driver. I'm not emotionally ready for that, at all. The Adam character has evolved so much in the series — I'd even venture to say he is one of the most evolved characters — that his absence would leave a huge void.

But can you blame me for worrying? The guy is going to be crazy busy leading into Season 5. Driver's next big film is Martin Scorcese's Silence, which reportedly started production at the end of January 2015. While I can't say how long the film will take to film, I hope that it is less than four months for Driver, if the Girls filming schedule is anything like it was last season. (For Season 4 of Girls, filming started in April and went through August, and chances are it will be similar if the show keeps with its new year, new season trend that they've done in the past.)

The Adam character has become such a developed character on the show, that even though he and Hannah are no longer together, it would be a shame to lose him. In the "Sit-In" episode when Hannah returns to New York to find Adam co-habitating with Mimi-Rose, he really opens up on his and Hannah's past relationship. "What we had was real and it was beautiful, and intense, and weird, and terrifying, and there was a time I couldn’t imagine myself with anyone else. Ever," Adam says to Hannah, both of whom are teary-eyed.

That quote alone proves the type of evolution Adam has taken in the past four seasons. Do you think Adam a la Season 1 would have ever said something like that? I don't think so! In Season 1 of Girls, he is this pretty awful person who is terrible to Hannah and doesn't seem to really have much love for her. He wasn't likable because the audience saw Hannah cater to him hand and foot, and out of judgement, I blamed him for that. Now, I see a character who has just as much, if not more, to offer than some of the four main "Girls" (ahem, Marnie), and couldn't imagine not following his story, even if it doesn't involve a relationship with Hannah.

So even though Driver is breaking out in Hollywood and making a huge name for himself, his character on Adam is simply too important important. Hopefully Dunham can stand by her word and Driver will stick around until the bitter end.

Images: Craig Blankenhorn/HBO