Shia LaBeouf's Heartbeat Art Project Is Pretty Weird & Will Probably Leave You With These 11 Thoughts

Listening to someone's heartbeat is incredibly intimate experience. We're talking Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams in The Notebook level romantic. It makes sense — unless you're a doctor using a stethoscope, the only time you hear someone else's beating heart is if you're close enough to their chest to take a listen. However, with his new heartbeat art project, Follow My Heart, Shia LaBeouf is turning that idea on its very head. Follow My Heart is a 6-day long experiment in which LaBeouf will have a monitor hooked up to his chest at all times — in other words, for the next few days, fans can go onto the website to listen to the live beating of LaBeouf's heart. As bizarre as it sounds (because when was the last time LaBeouf did an art project that wasn't bizarre?) it's a surprisingly interesting idea. Here's his reasoning for the project:

Every time my heart rate goes up, I’ll stop, breathe, and focus on getting my heart rate lower numerically. I’ve had panic attacks throughout most of my life, whether it’s at work or whether I’ve been drinking heavy. I haven’t had that for a while, and this is a constant reminder to stay at a constant numerical place to find peace.

So... pretty interesting. But that doesn't make the experience of listening to LaBeouf's heart any less weird. Here are the thoughts that run through your head while listening to the beat of LaBeouf's heart.

Does Shia LaBeouf feel weird about people listening to his heartbeat?

Or does Shia LaBeouf feel weird about absolutely nothing at all?

Does he really think this is ~art~?

Not so impressed.

I mean, I kind of want to hear it, but at the same time, meh.

Well, I guess I'll get started, then.

Are my computer speakers on?

Seriously... who knew heartbeats were so quiet?

Wait... did his heart just stop beating?!

Nope, just a glitch in my computer.

Should I be concerned if I start hearing weird beat patterns?

I'm no doctor, but should I like, call someone?

Is this what EDM will sound like in the future?

I could get into it.

The heart graphic is weirdly mesmerizing.

Does anyone else feel very calm right now?

Putting this on my iPod would be weird, right?

It's just so... soothing...

Seriously, I might fall asleep to this.

I feel one with Shia's heartbeat.

Yep, goodnight world.


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