Peter Facinelli & Jaimie Alexander Engaged & These 7 Photos Prove Their Relationship Is One Of Hollywood's Cutest — PHOTOS

Guys, there's big news regarding the leader of the Cullen Coven, and no, I don't mean another Twilight sequel (although, a girl can dream). People reports that our beloved Dr. Carlisle — I mean, Peter Facinelli — just got engaged to actress Jaimie Alexander. Sure, this news isn't exactly jaw dropping considering that the two have been dating for a few years now. I suppose that this just seems like the natural progression in their sweet relationship, especially since Us Weekly claims that a source said, "She knew it was coming but was overwhelmed during the proposal." And you know what? Good for them! (The only gripe I have is how his vampire wife, Esme, is going to react... yikes.)

Us Weekly also relays that, "The 41-year-old actor proposed to Alexander, 31, at the top of the Empire State Building while their work schedules overlapped in NYC," which is just about one of the most romantic things, ever — especially if you've seen Sleepless in Seattle. I mean come on, Facinelli, leave some romance for the rest of us, will ya?!

But it's honestly just in keeping with how adorable the two are together. If you need any more proof, check out some of the cutest pictures of the couple below — you won't be disappointed. (Although, you may just be slightly envious. It's cool, though. We can't all marry vampires.)

Somehow, these two manage to make this picture endearing rather than terrifying

Proof of adorableness #1.

This shadow kissing pic is super sweet

Even their shadows are adorable? How?!

"Top of the world" Ugh, really guys?! <3

If it wasn't so cute, I'd be sickened.

The couple who shades together obviously stays together

Words to live by.

Beer, hockey, and Rangers beanies? Most fun relationship, ever.


They make touristy things seem cute

And that's a hard feat, honestly.

And, they even look good bundled up as snow bunnies together

Congrats, you guys!