Lucious Finally Faces The Consequences 'Empire'

by Keertana Sastry

It was bound to happen sooner or later. In the two-hour season finale of Empire , Lucious was finally arrested for Bunkie's murder, from back in the series' pilot. Remember that? It's alright if you didn't considering how much craziness has happened since then. Seriously, how does this show keep track of all of its twists? Is anyone going to bring up the fact that Cookie had a crime boss killed at one point? No? Alright, moving on.

Lucious' arrest was definitely quite satisfying to watch, given that the Empire leader has ruined every single one of his family members at some point or another. But surprisingly, his reason for getting arrested didn't seem to have anything to do with the police just catching a break in the case. It was all about an upcoming hostile takeover of the Empire from Hakeem, Andre, Anika, and Cookie.

Oddly enough, Jamal is the closest son to Lucious at the moment and was named Empire Entertainment's future leader earlier in the finale. But all of Lucious' bad behavior leading up to that decision let Anika convince Hakeem to look into beginning a hostile takeover of Empire. But in order to make a work, they needed more than just passion and a little dirt. They needed business savvy, and all kinds of support. That's where Cookie came in.

Despite her middle son getting everything he ever wanted, Cookie wasn't pleased with what it took for Jamal to achieve his success. Plus, Lucious fired her twice during the season finale: Once out of jealousy as she chose Malcolm over him, and the second time because she tried to kill him when she learned the truth about Bunkie. Cookie was forced to work together with Anika, Hakeem, and eventually Andre as the three spoke to an expert on hostile takeovers and discovered that when a CEO of a company was involved in a scandal, his board members would turn against him, or at the very least, they could get rid of the CEO for a while and in that time make some changes in the board.

So what would that scandal be? Cookie couldn't bring herself to snitch on Lucious, but the federal agent she has previously worked with revealed that Vernon was their star witness. Unfortunately for the hostile takeover team, Vernon is dead after being clubbed over the head by Rhona who was trying to defend Andre as Vernon was beating him up. It looks like the hostile takeover plan started out well, but might start crumbling underneath the new, tension-filled dream team. And you know Lucious is going to come back with his own form of evil vengeance. To catch up on everything that happened in Empire Season 1, check out the drunk recap video below.

Alright Empire writers, let's see what you can do for Season 2. Game on.

Images: Chuck Hodes/FOX; Giphy