The Arrow & Captain Lance Part Ways, But What Will This Torn Alliance Mean For Starling City?

Everyone deals with the loss of a loved one in different ways, but the underlying root of all those complex emotions is pure, unadulterated anger. Which is something that Captain Lance is becoming all too familiar with now that he knows the Arrow kept Sara's death a secret from him for so long. And because of that, Lance and the Arrow's alliance has taken a massive hit during Wednesday night's Arrow episode "The Offer." How big of a hit? Well, to the point where Lance is ready to sever ties with the Emerald Archer altogether and I'm completely depressed about it.

Granted, these two had a very low key bromance going on to begin with, but it was still a pivotal part of Team Arrow's operation. So now that it's on such shaky ground one can't help but wonder how this will end up affecting Starling City in the long run. If this show has taught us anything it's that a.) Salmon ladders are a gift from the heavens, and b.) heroism is done best when it's a team effort. So losing such a crucial cog in this well oiled machine is bound to leave both sides with a few disadvantages.

Like, does this mean Lance will no longer answer his phone when Oliver calls? (He didn't pick up when Felicity dialed, but to be fair he was too distracted to see his phone was ringing.) If that's the case though then I can't help but feel a little disappointed at Lance's selfish behavior. I understand that losing your daughter has got to be absolutely devastating, but losing this particular ally could potentially cost innocent lives. Lance has always been a man to look at the bigger picture, so I'm hoping he'll get past this and soon. Starling City need both these heroes if it has any chance of remaining safe.

Images: Diyah Pera/The CW