On 'Parks and Recreation,' Just How Well Will Leslie Cope Without Ann?

In case you missed it, on last week’s episode of Parks and Recreation, Ann Perkins dealt her bestie Leslie Knope a deeply upsetting blow — she confessed to Leslie that she’d be leaving Pawnee. Her departure is understandable: Ann is leaving her beloved town so her child with Chris can live closer to her own family in Michigan. Still, devastated hearing the news, Leslie went on a rampage across all of Pawnee’s Municipal offices to ensure her friends could never ever leave her side... by force of contract.

It’ll be hard to imagine Leslie without Ann — or Ben without Chris for that matter. And though Leslie put on a strong face and was happy for her friend at the end of last week’s episode, we know she’s still a mess over it. Who could blame her? They go together like waffles and whipped cream. Having already lost 'lil Sebastian, we can only imagine how she’s coping with the knowledge that her best friend won't be a pit's length away. Here are our predictions for how Knope might work through, or, more likely, distract herself from the heartbreak.

Descend into a Hole of Sweetums and Paunch Burger

That'll be one Greasy Lard Bomb, to go.

Blame Eagleton

Though Pawnee has technically absorbed Eagleton, they're still jerks.

Go On a "Treat Yo Self" Spree with Donna and Tom for Some Cheering Up

Throw an Early Galentine’s Day

Because who knows when Ann will be back for the next one. You’re coming back every year for it. Right, Ann? RIGHT?

Listen To Mouse Rat’s Saddest, then Most Inspirational Songs on Repeat

AndysMouseRatBand on YouTube

Take Some Tips from Ron and Retreat into Nature

Re-Focus Energy on Old Hobbies, Like Joe Biden

Have Plenty of Drinks, Then Dance the Night Away at The Bulge

And then once consciousness and stomach equilibrium are achieved, go spend as much time with Ann, that beautiful tropical fish that she is.

Images: Parks and Recreation, Universal; Tumblr