This 'Nanny' Cast Reunion Will Bring Back Memories & Make You Want To Binge-Watch The '90s Comedy — PHOTOS

If you were fans of Miss Fine and Mr. Sheffield, then you're going to enjoy this news. On Wednesday, part of The Nanny cast reunited thanks to Fran Drescher getting the old gang back together at the opening of Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella in Los Angeles. Drescher plays the wicked stepmother in the musical, which just moved from New York City to the West Coast.

As you can see in the photos below, the reunion between Drescher (Fran Fine), Charles Shaughnessy (Maxwell Sheffield), and Renée Taylor (Sylvia Fine) is bringing back so many memories. Reba's Christopher Rich (who appeared in one episode of The Nanny) and Joseph Bologna, Taylor's husband and fellow actor who starred in two episodes with his wife, were also in attendance.

The '90s comedy created by Drescher and her ex-husband, Peter Marc Jacobson, followed the actress as Fran Fine, a cosmetics saleswoman who becomes the Sheffields' nanny. Each week, viewers would see Miss Fine get into some kind of shenanigan, but always manage to find her way around it. Of course, in between her nanny duties, big hair, colorful outfits, and unique voice, Miss Fine and Mr. Sheffield fell in love, got married, and had twins. If you even need more of a refresher, here's the opening credits:

All of this brings back so many memories. Anyone else want to binge the comedy now? Good thing you can catch reruns every now and again on TV, because now I'm in the mood for not only Miss Fine and Mr. Sheffield, but also C.C. and Niles' sarcastic humor, because those two just got me, even if I was only seven when the show first aired... Wow. Now I feel old.

Now, excuse me, because I have some Nanny watching to do.