Who Plays Uriah In 'Insurgent'?

Insurgent is set to be the big winner at the box office this weekend. The film could gross close to $120 million worldwide, according to Deadline. If the movie is a hit with fans, with huge hits come huge stars, and one up-and-coming actor in Insurgent is Keiynan Lonsdale. While a few fans might be acquainted with Lonsdale, he is not as well known as some of his co-stars, which include Kate Winslet and Shailene Woodley. So as Lonsdale is on the brink of fame, some may be wondering more about the actor and where they might have seen him before. As it turns out, he is not a complete stranger to being in front of the camera!

Lonsdale, who hails from St Marys, Australia, used to work for MTV Australia. For MTV Australia, his responsibilities included fronting MTV News, hosting an MTV Summer event back in 2011, and introducing brand new up-and-coming acts. He even got the opportunity to become an MTV VJ at one point, so he was a pretty big deal on the show! What is really interesting is that he spent so much time at that job interviewing celebrities and sitting in a reporter's chair, and now that Insurgent has picked up so much attention, he often finds himself sitting in the opposite chair as the celebrity. Though he told news.com.au that he found both "nerve-wracking," it seems like he has a great support system.

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Some of the biggest support has come from his family members, and off-camera, he seems like a very family-focused guy. Lonsdale told The Telegraph that his family has always been supportive of his career goals, even with his crazy schedule and his move overseas to Los Angeles. “They were all at the screening last night [March 18] and cheering so much that you couldn’t even hear what I was saying in the film,” he said of his biggest cheerleaders. Though his fame has come as a shock to him as well as his family members, it's good to know that they have made it clear that they are still his biggest fans. And it's wonderful to see that he is showing them the same love in interviews and not forgetting where he came from.

It's pretty amazing how fast Lonsdale's star has taken off. After all, it was less than a year ago that he secured the role of Uriah for the hugely popular teen franchise, big shoes to fill considering there was a huge outburst among the fan base when the character was left out of the first movie. But so far, he seems to be taking it in stride and not letting the beginning of his fame go to his head. We'll have to keep our eyes peeled for what he will appear in next!

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