Zayn Quits One Direction... Tour. Jeez, Calm Down

If you're about to go watch One Direction on tour in Australia and Asia, well, here's some not-so-good news. Zayn Malik has left One Direction's tour and will not appear with his fellow band members. But he has a very good reason. According to 1D's publicist, Simon Jones, Malik is dealing with a lot of stress at the moment and has chosen to taken some time off, rather than make the situation worse. Jones revealed the news via Twitter, and his full statement reads as follows:

Zayn has been signed off with stress and is flying back to the UK to recuperate. The band wish him well and will continue with their performances in Manila and Jakarta.

There's no word on what caused Malik's stress, but being in the spotlight, recording music, going on tour, and having every aspect of your life scrutinized would be enough to cause anyone to become stressed. In particular, Malik has been making headlines lately after being accused of cheating on his fiancée Perrie Edwards. If that isn't enough, the Philippine Bureau of Immigration requested Malik and Louis Tomlinson post "weed bonds" around $5,000 each. Apparently, an anti-drug group first made demands that the singers pay a bond, because of that time Malik and Tomlinson were allegedly caught smoking marijuana.

Yeah, I'd say all of that would cause some stress.

Rather than getting upset over Malik's absence, fans are being very supportive. As we all know, 1D groupies are die-hard fans, so when it comes to one of the members' health, they show support. In fact, fans have taken to Twitter with the hashtag #HaveAGoodRestZayn which trended on Thursday. Here are a few of the tweets:

None of the band members have commented, but Liam Payne did tweet this:

Now, this tweet might not be in relation to what's happening with the band and Malik, but Payne does make a good point.

Let's hope Malik gets the rest he needs.