Who Plays Young Margo In 'Paper Towns'? Cara Delevingne Has A Pint-Sized Doppelganger — VIDEO

It looks like this model has a mini-me. The trailer for the highly anticipated adaptation of John Green's novel Paper Towns is finally here, and it's guaranteed to make any fan of the novel feel all of the feels. The film stars Nat Wolff as Q, a high school senior obsessed with his neighbor Margo, whom he shared an intense moment with as a child — a scene that is referenced in the trailer with a glimpse of the characters as kids. But, while the teenage Margo is played by Cara Delevingne in the film, the young version of her is portrayed by a completely different actress who — as the trailer has indicated — literally looks like Delevingne's pint-sized doppelganger. So, I'm left wondering: Who plays young Margo in Paper Towns ?

The answer: According to IMDb, Hannah Alligood portrays Margo as a child, and it's absolutely amazing how closely the young actress resembles the adult Delevingne. We only see Alligood for a short time in the trailer, but she leaves an impression: As depicted in the trailer, we see the very first time Q sees Margo — she steps out of a car and instantly the young Q is smitten. It's pretty amazing how Alligood can capture Delevingne's entire persona in a few second clip; it's like they're two sides of the same coin.

Paper Town's is Alligood's first major role. According to her IMDb page, she appeared in a short film in 2013 and recently appeared on the television show Powers. This film is a huge step in her career, but she might want to consider taking on the role of Delevingne's tinier alter-ego on a full-time basis. Just check out the similarities:

Cara Delevingne

Hannah Alligood


Check out the trailer for Paper Towns below. The film hits theaters July 24.

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