What Does The New 'Scream Queens' Promo Mean?

by Kaitlin Reilly

A former Nickelodeon star is showing off her bubble blowing skills. One-time True Jackson, VP actress Keke Palmer will star on Ryan Murphy's new series Scream Queens and her new promo is equal parts silly and creepy, just as the show promises to be. Details are still emerging about the new series, which will take place on a college campus rocked by a series of murders. But don't worry, guys, it's not that dark. The show will be a horror-comedy series, and the cheeky promos are the perfect introduction for the show.

Palmer's new clip is one of three short teasers for the series, all of which feature one common theme — bubblegum. The first promo features a (seemingly anonymous) young blonde blowing a bubble. When the bubble is about to burst, she raises an eyebrow to the camera, and a knife cuts across the screen to slash the bubble. The next promo stars American Horror Story alum Emma Roberts, who stands in front of what seems to be a sorority house. She, too, blows a bubble — only this time, a demon face emerges from the gum. Palmer's promo is nearly identical to Roberts, which means one thing: no gum is safe.

The demon-in-gum might also indicate something else about the series — that there is a supernatural element to these college campus murders. When I first heard the premise, I assumed that the series would be more Scream than The Ring, but maybe that's not the case. Perhaps it's really a demon killing kids on campus — or at least a demon who possesses a human into doing really bad things. If that's the case, my money is on Palmer or Roberts' characters. Clearly they're chewing some nasty gum.

Image: YouTube