How To Celebrate The First Day Of Spring

If you've been living (surviving) in the snowy apocalypse more commonly known as the East Coast, you know this better than the rest of us: the first day of spring is upon us, and it’s time to celebrate. After months and months and months of brutal, awful winter, you deserve to let loose. You've traversed this white, fluffy world of darkness for too long, and it's finally time to see the sun again. Spring means we now have something to look at besides disgusting, dirty snow. It means you don't have to wear that sweater that makes you look three times larger than you actually are, and most importantly, it means we're one step closer to summer, that glorious season that allows for all the wardrobe and activity freedoms you've been stripped of for far too long.

That’s right. Flimsy clothes, road trips, ridiculous vacations to foreign locales that forever alter the way you see alcohol — heaven is near. You've likely been so caught up in the frigid cold and/or generally mediocre weather that you haven't even considered all of the ways you can celebrate the arrival of spring 2015. Luckily for you, I come bearing thoughts on the matter, much like the early spring fairy, dropping some potential festivities on your newly thawed little heads. Partake of the gloriousness below.

1. Go somewhere — anywhere — that's sunny and exotic

If you can't spring for the exotic part, just head out to the warmest place in a 200-mile radius and drink all the tequila. It's your time now. You've survived the winter — go ahead and get crazy.

2. Wear your favorite spring colors (and perhaps even expose your shoulders, you little minx)

Go wild. Go crazy. Incite a nasty Facebook comment from your uncle. The world is yours.

3. Drink spring-inspired coffee

Yes, it tastes exactly the same as all the other seasonal caffeine products, but whatever. Marketing works, friends. Remember pumpkin spice?

4. Take a half-day at work

Go lay in the closest flower garden you can find, making flower angels and kicking it to the traditionally snow-contingent tradition. If you can't seem to locate a local flower garden because this isn't 1973, a pool and vodka tonic will do just fine.

5. Buy a seasonal spring plant

Tell yourself you won't kill it before summer, because spring means a new and improved you. You could probably use a commitment in your life other than the one you have to the wine bar down the street.

6. Get back on Tinder

Tell all the troglodytes that according to studies, spring is the best time to conceive. Then, screenshot reactions and send them to me. Ah, the beauty of a new life.

7. Wear those dresses in the back of your closet that you haven't touched since you were 16

*In the immortal words of Beyonce...*

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