'Arrow' Just Continues Getting Better

Arrow returned last week with a game changer for its Season 2 premiere. Basically, Oliver is changing tactics in honor of his (SPOILER ALERT) dearly departed BFF, Tommy. From now on, the killing-with-a-side-of-justice machine The Hood will no longer take lives. He will also surely transition into his role as the Green Arrow.

The premiere was great, but it had a lot to set up, meaning less time for general Arrow awesomeness. This week, things were different, however, and here are five reasons the show has only gotten better in the season's second episode.

1. Felicity gets a new job — and doesn't like it.

So, you know how Felicity is Queen Industries' resident tech wiz? Now, she's its CEO's personal assistant... and personal tech wiz. While Oliver makes the totally valid point that, as CEO, it would be completely weird for him to constantly visit a lower-level employee when superhero-related questions arise, Felicity also makes the valid point that she's MIT-educated and no one's Girl Friday/coffee wench. Her mini hissy fit might just be the best thing about the episode.

2. Back to the island... and back in time.

Last week, we saw the island in present day when Felicity and Diggle traveled there to essentially drag Oliver back home whether he liked it or not. That's great and everything, but island flashbacks come with a lot more awesome and a lot less clothes, which isn't a bad thing when Stephen Amell is involved. In this week's flashback, we learn that he's always tried to justify killing as an absolute necessity, all the way back to his first time. We also learn that he and Shado had the island equivalent of shower sex when they washed off in the nearest river.

3. New bad guys.

The superhero-ish bad guys aren't actually the highlight of this season. China White and Bronze Tiger are still finding their footing (something they have time to do, thanks to Oliver's new no-kill policy), but the less comic book-y Alderman Sebastian Blood might prove to be even more problematic for Oliver/The Hood/Green Arrow/Whatever We're Calling Him Now. Alderman Blood's attacks are more personal — and more political. When Oliver messes up by missing his own fundraiser for The Glades (albeit to fight crime on the other side of town), Blood totally calls him out on it, taking the opportunity to make an Anti-Queen speech.

4. Calm Down, Roy.

Thea is still managing Verdant and she's willing to make the hard (and very mature) calls. When Roy continues to do the wannabe hero thing and fight crime/put himself in grave danger, she gives him a very visual and literal ultimatum: She hands him a severance check and the stone Oliver gave her when he returned from the island and tells him to make a choice. Oliver, as The Hood, tells him to be his eyes and ears in the Glades — but not to take action on his own, which buys everyone a little time. Roy lies to Thea and says his hero-ing days are done, but we all know that can't last.

5. Laurel makes a big move.

Laurel's days of secretly crushing on The Hood and his quest to bring justice to Starling City seem to be over. After she saw him leave the scene of the earthquake after not saving her beloved Tommy last season, she's decided that he is not a hero, but a vigilante villain. When he pays her one of his patented shadowy visits this year, she informs him of exactly this and warns him never to speak to her again. He really should have listened because, when he visits again, she has him surrounded by armed officers. Ruh roh. Wonder how he'll get out of this one? It's definitely the kind of ending that makes you need to tune in next week.

Did you watch Arrow this week? What did you think?