7 'Salem' Season 2 Trailer Moments That Will Get You So Amped For The April Premiere — VIDEO

As Bette Midler famously said in Hocus Pocus, "the witch is back, and there's hell to pay!" Such is the tone we get from the brand-new, full-length Salem Season 2 trailer, although it's far more menacing than the musical stylings of Winifred. WGN America is poised to premiere the new season this April 5, and the network has released our best look yet at all the witchy shenanigans coming our way. From a peek at Lucy Lawless in full-on witch mode, to some of our favorite recurring characters — including Shane West serving pilgrim-hunk realness as the burly John Alden — there are many moments to whet our palettes for what's coming.

When last we left off in Salem, The Grand Rite that Mary Sibley worked so hard to execute ended up being a biological weapon of supernatural origins, unleashing a plague upon the people of Salem. John is shot in the woods and is presumed dead, but Salem takes the Game of Thrones approach. ("What is dead may never die.") In addition, a slew of figures, new and old, are now vying for Sibley's Wiccan crown and will do anything to knock her off her pedestal. It's sure to be one wild ride. Check out the trailer below.

SalemWGNA on YouTube

As you can see, there are a ton of moments worth a second look. In case you missed any of the witchy action, here's a break down of the footage to help get you pumped for the show's return.

1. John Alden Embraces His Dark Side

SPOILER ALERT: John isn't dead after all. Who saw that one coming? In all seriousness, though, he's not the same John we once knew. He's on a rampage to destroy any witch by any means necessary. Does that include his love, Mary Sibley?

2. Lucy Lawless Is Ready To Stir Up Some Trouble

The Warrior Princess herself is here to cause some major grief for the people of Salem, most notably Mary. Playing the Countess Marburg, she's determined to find out all she can of the top witch in town. Why? Because the Countess is of a long line of legendary German witches, and she's ready for a major power boost. Remember I said there would be new forces looking to knock Mary down a couple of pegs? The Countess also has a too-close-for-comfort relationship with her son, if you know what I mean. So there's that.

3. Mercy Lewis Is Still A Wild Child

Since her banishment to the woods surrounding Salem, Mercy has become a total creeper, embracing her inner wild child. She definitely has an axe to grind with Mary, considering she was the one who betrayed her and caused the death of Mercy's friends. Think it's time for some payback? Could she be another one after Mary's throne? In other previews we've seen, we hear her shout, "I'm the Queen of the Night!" Assuming that's not some delusional rant one might hear from drunkards pouring out of pubs in Time Square, then, yes, she has higher ambitions.

4. The Witch War Is About To Begin

Mary made a lot of enemies in keeping her crown as the baddest witch in town. (Sorry, Jessica Lange.) And that means she'll be drawing a lot more attention from the other enchantresses eyeing her post. As the flames burned into the ground in front of her house proclaim, the witch war is on! It'll be interesting to see on which side those around her fall.

5. Prepare For More Crazy Apparitions

While Season 1 brought us some truly frightening sights, such as the withered crone prompting Mercy into a psychotic break and figures bathing in the black sludge in the woods, Season 2 is celebrating more of the same. By the looks of things, we're in for a few scares as the witch war and the plague progress.

6. Meet Mary's Son!

Another big revelation at the end of Salem Season 1 was that Mary and John's son, who she thought died during that fateful night in the woods, was indeed alive. By the looks of this moment from the Season 2 trailer, there's something off with him. A child who enjoys tormenting a paralyzed, wheelchair-bound person with a needle to the eye isn't a good sign for his early development.

7. Who Is This New Man In Salem?

You might recognize Stuart Townsend as the sexy vampire Lestat in Queen of the Damned, or the sexy Dorian Gray in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. But in Salem Season 2, he plays the sexy Samuel Wainwright, a doctor who's looking to uncover Salem's secrets and keeping a few of his own under wraps. I can't be sure, but it does look like Mary isn't wasting too much time in taking a liking to the handsome man who bears similar traits to her beloved John Alden.

Images: Nick Romano/Bustle