Nina Dobrev's Style Proves She's Just Like Us

So I've had my favorite plaid skirt in my closet for six years now and I'd probably have a heart attack if I ever threw it away. We all have those items of clothing that we just can't get rid of. Apparently, celebrities do, too. Nina Dobrev was spotted on the red carpet for SXSW and revealed to People about an item that she's owned in her closet for over 10 years: a pair of American Eagle cut-offs.

She told People, "I have this pair of American Eagle short-shorts that I wear in Atlanta [while filming] or to music festivals or just day-to-day life," says Dobrev. "They’re short, they’re comfy, they’re cute, they make my butt look cute, and I feel comfortable in them. I swear I’ve had them for maybe 10 years and they’re so torn up, but I can’t get rid of them! They’re my favorite." It's clear that Dobrev is quite the economic fashionista, TV star or not. It's cool knowing that even celebrities like Dobrev still keep old clothes, no matter how glamorous their lifestyle may be.

While at SXSW promoting her movie The Final Girls, she kept her bright-orange, bohemian dress in a casual manner, admitting, "I fell in love with this Elie Saab dress, but it was a little fancy for SXSW, so my stylist decided to pair it with flat flip-flops and do a bohemian sort of messy, laid-back hairstyle with braids, and lots of bangles and jewels." Flip flops on the red carpet while still looking absolutely gorgeous? This star is definitely a game-changer.

And if her style couldn't be more well put together, Dobrev explains, "I like to always be as classy and timeless as possible." Probably the two best things to keep in mind whenever putting an outfit together, IMHO.

Don't get her wrong though, classy and timeless definitely doesn't mean safe or boring. Along with her red carpet outfit, she sported green contact lenses, explaining, "I wear them all the time as another accessory. Instead of statement earrings or a statement necklace, I’d go for a statement eye."

Basically, whether Nina Dobrev decides to wear shorts she's had for 10 years or flip flops on the red carpet, one thing's for sure: she's got it all together. No doubt about it.

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