Kim & Kourtney Have Fought A Lot On 'KUWTK'

Being that I come from a small family, the Kardashians and all their boisterousness have always seemed really appealing to me. I have one little sister, and while I love her to death, I can definitely see the fun of having a bunch of siblings around, even if they do tend to fight just as often as they get along. Sunday's episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians will delve into Kourtney's feud with Kim for using her likeness without paying her in Kim's game, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. Kourtney even threatened legal action over it. Um, yikes? This might be their worst fight, but it's definitely not their first. In fact, Kim and Kourtney have gotten intp many crazy fights over the past 10 seasons of KUWTK.

OK, so some of their fights have been for pretty pointless reasons, but when you're as close with your family as the Kardashians are, it's bound to happen once in awhile. And sometimes, they even turn into physical fights, but what are you going to do? If two adult sisters want to attack each other over a borrowed pair of shoes, there's not much you can do to stop them.

But no matter how much they fight, Kourtney and Kim are always best friends again by the end of the day, and viewers get to see some entertaining drama that keeps them coming back to KUWTK every week, so really, everybody wins. Here are some of the sisters' biggest feuds to get you ready for Sunday night's brawl.

When Kim Used Kourtney's Backyard For North's Party

Kourtney and Scott were still living in the Hamptons when Kim was planning North's birthday party — Kidchella — and thought that Kourtney's brand new backyard would be the perfect location. Kourtney said no when Kim asked, so Kim took it upon herself to have the party in her backyard anyway, and was inexplicably surprised when Kourtney was mad.

When Kim & Khloe Trashed Kourtney's House

They were just drinking... and, you know, leaving open bottles of alcohol out when Kourtney has small children who could potentially get into them. NBD.

When Kim Lost Her Earring In The Ocean

This one is a classic. Kim is crying over her lost diamond earring — and I can't really blame her, since I'd be crying too — which leaves Kourtney to deliver her famous line: "Kim, there's people that are dying." This obviously led to a fight.

When Kourtney & Khloe Made Fun Of Kim Right To Her Face

This isn't so much a real fight as it is a silly prank, but when Kim was getting on everyone's nerves, the rest of the family called her Nancy so they could talk about her right in front of her. And, as usual, Kim was totally oblivious to the world around her.