This Jewelry Trend Is Kind of Like Armor

By Candace Bryan

You know that horrible feeling when someone annoyingly tries to give you a high five against your will? Wouldn't it be awesome if there were some kind of armor you could wear to protect your palm from unwanted smackage? Well, have I got some jewelry for you! Meet the "handlet."

The handlet (or "palm cuff") is a new type of jewelry that's basically just a flatter bracelet that you wear around your palm instead of your wrist.

Dana Lorenz is one jewelry designer working to popularize the handlet, and one of her pieces was recently worn by Sarah Jessica Parker at the New York City Ballet Gala. In the last year she has developed several different styles of the handlet, and believes the style is appealing because it's slim and easy to wear. Also, as she notes, “It is a total conversation piece.

Okay, then.

Seriously, though. I'm all for creative jewelry placement. I've owned a toe ring or two in my time. But, as one clever Vogue editor points out, the handlet really just looks like a bracelet someone was trying to take off that got stuck halfway down. Why would I want to wear something so uncomfortable-looking, even if it is diamond-encrusted? I'd rather just get some brass knuckles.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images