What's The Song In The David Beckham H&M Pool Table Commercial? You'll Want To Cue Up This Track, Stat — VIDEOS

Decades from now, I will wax poetic about the Era of The David Beckham H&M Ad Campaign. What a gift. What a dream come true. What a time to be alive. In a new David Beckham-for-H&M TV spot, the soccer pro displays his athleticism in another arena: the pool hall. He establishes eye contact with his opponent, executes some flashy moves with the pool cue, and before anyone can catch his or her breath, Becks has won the round. As Mr. Posh Spice removes his jacket and shows off his billiards prowess, a bluesy rock song plays. The song in this H&M advert is "What Makes A Good Man?" by The Heavy. (I'll tell you one thing that makes a man good: looking like David Beckham, AMIRITE? High fives all around.)

"What Makes A Good Man?" appears on the British band's 2012 album, The Glorious Dead. The track is in a trailer for Dallas Buyers Club, featured in video game NHL '13 , was in the ad campaign for video game Borderlands 2, and was the official song of the 2013 WWE Royal Rumble (aka the greatest sporting event of the year). You can check out the music video for "What Makes A Good Man?" here:

TheHeavyVEVO on YouTube

Aaaaaaand here’s David Beckham using The Force to make a cue ball change direction mid-air:

Image: H&M/YouTube