One Direction's Concerns About Zayn Malik Leaving Tour Make His Departure Seem Even More Serious

When it was first announced that Zayn Malik would be leaving the current One Direction tour after photos of him with his arm around a girl who isn't his fiancée Perrie Edwards surfaced, I was pretty shocked, to be honest with you. The guys have always seemed like such a tightly-knit unit that for one of them to just up and leave the group felt wrong. But, considering Directioners were so underwhelmed by the announcement on Twitter, I began to think maybe, just maybe, I was overreacting. Maybe this all was for the best and the band really would be better if Malik took a little breather and spent some time on himself. But now that the rest of One Direction's guys have started commenting on Zayn Malik leaving the tour, I'm back to being worried and thinking that this is super serious. (Quite the roller coaster I've been on.)

Malik was supposed to perform with the band in the Philippines this weekend, and now that it's official he won't be joining them, a source close to the band says (according to People ):

The rest of the guys are really worried about him but disappointed he's not there. Their main concern is they want him to get better.

Man, such ominous phrasing, too! It really sounds like Malik has more going on than just stress from being accused of cheating on Edwards, which is supported by the fact that the guys are apparently worried he's going to quit the band altogether.

They don't want him to quit. Louis [Tomlinson] is the closest to him and is the most worried.

Um yeah, me too! It's getting all too real in here! Please, someone break the tension! Maybe you, Liam Payne? Can you help a girl out?

Well, that didn't quite do it. Do you have anything else you can offer me? Like maybe a lighthearted video starring Niall Horan with an incomprehensible Irish accent, by any chance?

Oh Niall, you sweet baby angel. Sending good thoughts to Zayn with whatever he's going through, and also waiting on Harry Styles to break his radio silence on this whenever he's ready.