Adam Levine's New Reality Show Is A Songwriting Competition & It Absolutely Needs To Include These Things

Just what we need: another reality show focused on launching people into the music industry. How many pop stars can the the music world sustain? But Adam Levine's the new reality show Songland , from Adam Levine and The Voice executive producer Audrey Morrissey isn't about singing: it's about songwriting. I think this is a great idea, though I wonder if they can pull it off.

It's recently been in the news that, contrary to popular belief, singing isn't the way to make money in the music industry — it's actually songwriting: Songwriters like Rita Ora and Sia have found themselves in the spotlight thanks to their lyrical skillz. I myself have been fascinated by articles about the songwriting process, a process that at once seems like a natural gift and hard work.

This show, since it's in such good hands, seems like it should be able to capitalize on this fascination. In addition to Levine and Morrissey, they've also brought in Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Dave Stewart. The show will apparently feature regular people as contestants, giving them the chance to showcase their songwriting to leading industry professionals.

While I'm very excited about this show, there's one obvious issue that they are going to need to overcome: songwriting is an interior process, not nearly as visual as singing. Will these contestants perform their songs? Will they hire people to perform them? However, as I've said, these guys know what they're doing. I think that as long as they take these five things into consideration, this show will be a hit.

Lots Of Insider Insight

As I've mentioned, the songwriting process is mysterious to many. The more this show can teach the audience about how their favorite songs are written, the more interesting the show will be. Hopefully, in the same way Project Runway taught about the fashion world, Songland will help show the ropes to the young songwriters who aren't on the show.

Many Industry Professionals

Hopefully, Levine's star power will be able to draw lots of famous guest judges, both celebrities and people who are big in the songwriting industry. I'd love to hear how someone like Rihanna or Adele writes a song, and how their biggest hits were initially conceived.

Real Career Opportunities

I'm not an industry insider, but I feel that there are more jobs for songwriters than stars. It will be excellent if the show's challenges involve writing songs that real stars will actually record, and for there to be some kind of concrete payout for winning.

Effective Visuals/Technology

As I've mentioned, the show will have to overcome the interiority of songwriting. I think that visual technology, perhaps Karaoke-like lyrics on screens, as well as a way to capture the songwriting process, will make or break the show.

Song Diversity

If this show was all about writing pop hooks, I can see it getting inane and repetitive fast (just like a pop song). In the same way that shows like So You Think You Can Dance and American Idol challenge contestants to sing in different genres, it would be great if the same contestant who could write a catchy pop song were asked to write a political folk song. Or a rap.

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