'Late, Late Show With James Corden' Will Host Tom Hanks & Mila Kunis As First Guests & That's Not A Bad Start At All

When it comes to late night shows, there are only a few things that really determine its success: One, a good host, two, good writing, and three, recognizable, personable guests. Late, Late Show With Craig Ferguson had all three of those factors down pat up until the moment host Craig Ferguson left the series in Dec. 2014 — and luckily, it already looks like his successor, comedian James Corden, will be just as lucky. According to Variety, Late, Late Show With James Corden 's first guests will include heavy-hitters like Tom Hanks and Mila Kunis when the show premieres Tuesday. Hanks and Kunis are just the latest in a hefty list of stars ranging from Courteney Cox to Claire Danes who are already scheduled for the series' first few shows.

According to Variety, the guests scheduled for the show's first few weeks are:

...athlete David Beckham, comedian Rob Corddry, music executive Simon Cowell, actress Courteney Cox, Emmy Award winner Jon Cryer, Emmy Award winner Claire Danes, Academy Award winner Michael Douglas, actor Jeff Goldblum, actor Mark Harmon, actor Thomas Lennon, actress Katharine McPhee, Emmy Award winner Megan Mullally, actor Matthew Perry, actress Freida Pinto, actress Aubrey Plaza, comedian Tig Notaro, chef Gordon Ramsay and actress Kerry Washington.

Oh, so, literally everyone I love? I admit I'm still drying my tears over Ferguson's departure, but this will definitely help me get over my sadness before Late, Late Show With James Corden's premiere on March 23.