This Woman Is Pole Dancing While Wearing Her Baby

by Jamie Kenney

You might not think that pole dancing and babywearing have a lot in common, and mostly you're right, but they share a few key characteristics that I think bear discussing. For starters, both require their own particular skill set, and while I'd imagine babywearing is nowhere near as difficult as pole dancing, there's certainly a learning curve (like learning how to tie your wrap and how to put your baby in it without dropping her). Both pole dancing and babywearing will strengthen your core, especially if you're like me and give birth to huge babies who only get bigger and demand constant contact. Finally, and most interestingly, there are people who assume they know exactly what kind of a woman you are based on the fact that you are doing either, though the assumptions usually fall on opposite ends of the "Madonna-whore" spectrum. I'll give you the short version:

  • Pole dancing = dirty, dirty slut dancing danced only by the dirtiest of dirty sluts
  • Babywearing = a symbolic display of smothering demonstrated by crunchy moms who have no identity outside of their child and want to nurture complete dependence in them

And let's not forget that women who pole dance would never babywear, and vice versa.

Obviously, all of this is balderdash—balderdash, I say! Moms can pole dance! Women who pole dance can be moms! Babywearing isn't inherently "crunchy" and isn't demonstrative of smothering, helicopter parenting! Pole dancing isn't slutty! Hooray for not being one-dimensional stereotypes!

These preconceived notions about "women who pole dance" and "women who practice babywearing" are refuted and subverted in this fabulous video from Ashley Wright, which is one of the many reasons I love it. The other reasons largely have to do with how ridiculously cool it is! I mean...

Her moves in and of themselves are badass. Add a baby and it becomes even more badass. Also: "Circle of Life," you guys! Everyone knows that The Lion King makes everything better. Wright's strength, control, and artistry are on full display below. Dance on, Ashley!

Images: YouTube(2)