The Reason Every New Macbook Needs A New Charger

by Jamie Kenney

Scene: You're at your local fair trade coffee co-op, sipping a dark roast, black. (You've come to realize that this is how real coffee connoisseurs take their java. Personally you like cream and Splenda, but there's no way in hell you're going to make that mistake again after the judgey look that bearded guy in the steam punk-looking top hat gave you last time.) You're working on your Macbook, which naturally, is the latest model. You love its lightweight, sleek, beautiful design. You tout its user-friendly interface to anyone who will listen, keeping up the illusion that you use it for anything other than dicking around on Facebook. You, your Macbook, your coffee, your fleek—you're basically killing it at life right now.

You are about to delve in your ex-girlfriend's latest photo album entitled "New Puppy!!!!1!!1!! <3 <3 <3" when you notice: your battery is at 2%. You mutter curses under your breath as you realize you left your charger at home. Fortunately, everyone around you is also on their Macbook.

"Excuse me?" you ask the woman at the table across from you, "Do you have a charger I can borrow?" She passes you a cord, and you gratefully bring it to your Macbook's port... where it doesn't fit.

"Oh," she observes. "You must have the old Macbook."

"I just got this last month."

"Like I said—the old one."

You shake your head. It can't be true! You search the other side of your laptop. Maybe there's another port you just haven't noticed yet. You begin to silently panic as a cold sweat begins to prickle at your hairline. You. Just. Bought. This. This is the new Macbook, because you're cool! You're with it! She's laughing at you now, the lady with the new charger. Pointing and laughing! Oh god! They're all pointing and laughing! You collapse to the floor, writhing in agony.

Sound familiar?!

Umm... okay. Probably not, but it feels kind of familiar, right? In Apple's never-ending race with itself to remain synonymous with "innovation" and "style," their product updates are endless. And for some reason we cannot figure out, that always seems to include its chargers. I mean... I think we have charger technology pretty down at this point, yes? Why do they constantly have to change the charger!?

This College Humor video sheds some light on this incredibly frustrating dilemma. Watch, learn, enjoy, and curse your enslavement to the culture of cool technology.

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