Chris Brown's Rihanna Assault Case Is Closed

Over six years after Chris Brown was arrested for brutally assaulting Rihanna, his then-girlfriend, on the night of the 2009 Grammy awards, Rolling Stone is reporting that the the assault case has officially been closed — and Brown is off probation for his actions. The decision was finalized by a Los Angeles judge on Friday who ruled that Brown had fulfilled the conditions of his sentence and was therefore dismissed in the case.

As TMZ reported, Brown's probation officer submitted a "glowing" report to the judge, not long after the probation department was actually recommending Brown be jailed for bad behavior. From the gossip site:

...the judge revoked Chris' probation after the probation dept. issued a scathing report, claiming Chris had a knack for finding trouble [...]

But now the probation dept. has done an about-face. We've learned his probation officer submitted a glowing report to the judge in the Rihanna beating case, saying Chris has done all of his community service.

While Brown may have satisfied the conditions of his sentence, however, whether or not he learned from his actions is a different story: After the decision was finalized by the judge, Brown took to his Twitter to share the news — and instead of genuine remorse, Brown figured using eight exclamation marks (and then six more exclamation marks in a statement after) would be a better way to convey his reaction. He tweeted:

No matter whether or not the case is officially closed, this is a deeply disappointing response: Not only does it hint, in some ways, that Brown may not actually feel regret for his actions against Rihanna that night, but it shows that he may not have learned from any of this. This tweet coupled with some of his past actions after the assault (including but not limited to numerous other assault cases) is not only disappointing, it's sickening

Brown has made no further comment on the development, and, apart from a comment about her dating history that may or may not have been directed at Brown, Rihanna has not released a comment either.