Kids Tell It Like It Is For Fashion Month

by Rikki Byrd

During Fashion Month, we allow fashion editors to give their blessing to various runway trends. The critiques come in by the minute, causing us to sometimes get lost in fashion jargon. However, there is always a fashion critic that you can count on, and I'm not talking about one with a storied career who is often spotted sitting front row. I'm talking about those who tell it like it is regardless of who is listening — little kids! The Fashion Spot asked a group of young critics to share their thoughts on the fall 2015 runway shows. The results, of course, were hilariously accurate.

Previously, The Fashion Spot has asked kids to weigh in on advertising campaigns from each season, but decided to push the envelope further this year by having them critique this past season's runway trends. The "critics" range from age 4 to 7, and I don't know about you, but to me they seem as if they are pretty equipped to handle a career in the fashion industry. From Chanel to Jeremy Scott, these kids cover the basis, and they spare little to no mercy.

According to a six-year-old on the panel, an outfit modeled by Kendall Jenner looks like "her whole body is made of black poop;" a seven-year-old thinks that a look from Maison Margiela makes the model seem like she's "deciding which house to go trick or treating next;" and another six-year-old seriously needs to know why all of the models appear to be wearing costumes from The Walking Dead. Someone please give this kid an answer, because we're all wondering.


Kids and fashion might not mix for some, but these young gurus might have something going for themselves. Paging Anna Wintour — can we get them front row next year?

Images: Getty Images (2)