Arizona Cheerleader Can Squat 300 Pounds, Is One Badass Teenager You Don't Want To Mess With

Teen comedies might have us believe that high school cheerleaders aren’t as tough or strong as other athletes, but Patricia Ballesteros is out to prove them wrong. The Internet has found itself stunned by this 15-year-old cheerleader's ability to squat a whopping 300 pounds, as captured in the impressive video below.

In the footage, the petite Ballesteros slowly but surely lifts the massive weight, with a little help from a spotter. The clip has caught the attention of many this week, and has even gotten shared on giant sports networks like ESPN — and it’s easy to see why. It’s not every day you see such a young woman with this kind of incredible strength. In fact, according to the Daily Mail, her 300-pound lifting abilities make her stronger than almost 75 percent of her school's football team. Now, that’s one teenage girl you don’t want to mess with.

So how exactly did Ballesteros get so amazingly strong? As she told the Daily Mail, she spends a lot of extra time in the weights room to strengthen her legs, which helps her with her cheerleading routines. All of that hard work has paid off — in addition to basically being able to squat the equivalent of a large black bear, she's helped her cheer squad at Desert Ridge High School win State Champions for the past two years. And Ballesteros isn’t quite done yet. She says she plans to continue building her abilities (and single-handedly taking down stereotypes) in the future. Badass girls like her just continue to prove that strength and willpower isn’t age or gender exclusive.

Image: Fotolia