Twitter Has Strange Reactions To Louis' Breakup

And the hits just keep on coming to One Direction. After four years together, People Magazine has confirmed with a representative of the band that Louis Tomlinson and his girlfriend Eleanor Calder broke up two weeks ago. This news broke right on the heels of the news that fellow bandmate Zayn Malik would take a break from the One Direction "On The Road Again" world tour due to stress. While that news was quite a blow to 1D fans around the world, Tomlinson's newly single status has garnered excited responses on Twitter. But surprisingly enough, it's not all thanks to fans wanting to have Tomlinson to themselves. In fact, the excitement is mostly stemming from the shippers who desperately want Tomlinson and fellow bandmate Harry Styles to get together, and many who believe they secretly have been together for quite a while. Apparently their 'shipper name is "Larry" and it's a really popular theory.

News of Tomlinson's breakup came with some rather scandalous rumors from alleged reports and photos that surfaced that the 1D-er may have been kissing a mystery girl while on their Thailand leg of the world tour. While I have absolutely no idea whether this is true or not, nor do I actually believe it's any of our business, I do know how Twitter is reacting and the emotions range from slight disappointment and sadness for the former couple, to literal jumps for joy. It's all very confusing.

This woman was actually quite saddened for Calder and the aftermath of the breakup, which I thought was rather sweet:

And then there were those who were quick to defend Calder from all the Tomlinson & 'Larry' lovers:

Many fans were angered by the cheating rumors for both Tomlinson and the ones that surfaced about Malik when he took his break from the tour, and weren't afraid to express it:

And some are annoyed by the idea that One Direction could be ending thanks to all of these recent reports:

To be fair, we at Bustle have written about our worries that Zayn might be leaving the band for good, but let's try and put those fears aside, shall we?

Here comes the excitement:

And here come the 'Larry' fans (seriously, there are so many):

(The Twitter user above, "Larry Is Reality" made a list of 100 best 'Larry' moments. The passion is strong with this one.)

Whatever is or is not actually happening, we hope the former couple can get through this hard time with loved ones and bounce back stronger than ever.