11 Things You Should Throw Away Immediately

This season is all about letting go — and yet deciding what to throw away while spring cleaning can be such a struggle. Every single one of us has crap we don't really need occupying space in our apartments. And for what? If the world ended tomorrow and you had a chance to escape, would you take those loose batteries in the junk drawer of your desk? No. Would you carry a box of photos from the summer of seventh grade when you had braces and that terrible boyfriend who was the sloppiest kisser ever? Probably not.

Spring is a season for the mind as much as it is for the extra space in your closet. Any form of clutter in your home has the ability to take up space in your head as well. It's another thing to keep in order. It's potentially in the way of something awesome you have yet to buy. There are certain items that everyone has that we honestly don't need — especially if you're in a small apartment and are trying to maximize every inch of space you have. Cut out the junk, and make way for the future. Here are all the things currently in your home that you should totally toss during spring cleaning, because now is the time to let go.

1. The stack of greeting cards from people you don't really know

Any cards from coworkers, distant relatives, people you no longer speak to — get rid of those greeting cards. What value do they have, really? Especially if the person who sent it to you didn't write anything inside other than their name. You don't need 'em, so toss 'em.

2. Those useless power cords

You upgrade every piece of technology when you can afford it, and get rid of the older version once the new one arrives. But for some reason, you still have all the chargers and extra power cords that came in the original packaging. Figure out which ones you actually need (if any), and put the rest in the garbage.

3. All the dead candles

Candles smell great, and scent is the dominant sense tied to memory, but there's no need to hold onto candles that have no wick left to burn. They can't be that expensive. Just buy a new one.

4. The duplicate copy of the book you didn't love

Unless it's a classic or your favorite book, you shouldn't be carrying around a second copy of any book. It's a waste of space, and you will never crack open that cover. Give it to someone who hasn't read it.

5. Clothes that are too small... or too big

We need to love the body we're in RIGHT NOW. Don't hold onto the jeans that would look good on you if only you lost another 10 pounds, because every time you look at them, you remind yourself that your current shape isn't good enough. Same goes for any of your designated "fat clothes." Keeping any clothing item around for the chance that your body could become something else is destructive to your self-esteem, because you should only be embracing, dressing, and loving the body you have at this very moment.

6. Heels that give you blisters

I don't care how cute they are or how much you spent on them. If they make you miserable every time you put them on, get rid of them.

7. Any VHS tapes you still might have

Nostalgia is fun, but I'm sorry, keeping VHS tapes for any reason is just bananas. Technology is not cyclical (despite what Dennis Duffy says), and you will never use this tape again. You will stream whatever movie or show it is and watch it the modern way.

8. Board games with missing pieces

They are useless, and you will forget that there's an important piece missing until you start playing and realize too late that you don't have dice when each player needs to roll in order to begin the game. Toss.

9. Mementos from ex-boyfriends

They're your ex for a reason, right? I don't get the whole shoebox full of memories thing. Isn't that what social media is for now? If you've really moved on from a past relationship, why would you want any tangible reminders of that person taking up space in your current life? Say goodbye.

10. Your old prom or bridesmaid dress

You aren't going to wear them. I promise, you just won't. But someone will! Donate them and give someone else the chance to look as gorgeous as you did.

11. Towels that are more than two years old

After two years, they get nubby, stringy, and are just gross. Head to Target, and make the upgrade.

Image: k barker/Flickr; Giphy (11)