The Real Reason Karlie Kloss Is Leaving VS

There comes a point where we all decide to move on. We come, we seek, and we conquer; and, then we pursue those things that we have always aspired after. It often takes some time to get there — finding our true passion — but oftentimes our experiences help us to carve out exactly what we've been going after. Karlie Kloss is experiencing that currently, as news circulates about her exchanging her Victoria's Secret angel wings for a desk in the classroom.

At 22 years old, Kloss has undoubtedly risen to the top of the modeling industry, quickly, swiftly, and gracefully. Nevertheless, in a recent interview with, she revealed how her rise to the top and amazing opportunities have contributed to her decision to pursue higher education:

"Traveling so much has made me realize, I have to invest in myself. And that's what education is, I think: a great investment in me."

Kloss shared her thoughts while backstage at Isabel Marant's latest runway show. Although she is dominating the runways now, she might have to slow down a tad in the near future. Just a month ago, news circulated that Kloss will be attending New York University in the fall. She will, however, continue to work and is using her fellow girl bosses as inspiration.

In her interview with, she also mentioned celebrities such as Emma Watson, Natalie Portman, and Christy Turlington, who she believes all mastered the work/school/life balance. She said to the publication that "women are great at multitasking. We do it well." And Kloss is definitely a woman to get the job done. While the supermodel hasn't yet released what major she will be pursuing this fall, her opinions on fashion, technology, as well as her business savviness will clearly advise her in choosing an educational path that will undoubtedly make her even more of an inspiration than she's already been.

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