Are Kim & Rob Kardashian Feuding On Instagram?

Kim and Rob Kardashian aren't in a great place right now. On Sunday morning, Rob Kardashian posted an unsettling photo on Instagram captioned "This is my sister kim, the b**** from Gone Girl." The photo was a still from the movie Gone Girl that shows the main character, a manipulative murderer played by Rosamund Pike, covered in blood. With the exception of this photo, People reports Kardashian's previous Instagram posts "appear to have been nearly wiped clean." Mysteriously, Kardashian also seems to have unfollowed his entire family, as TMZ reports. According to Buzzfeed, it's unclear whether Kardashian's account was hacked, but reportedly, the account doesn't seem like a fake. "It is verified through Instagram and is also the handle that is frequently tagged by Kris Jenner and Rob's sister [Kim]" People writes. Weirdly enough, Kardashian and his family seemed to be getting along just fine when they reached out to him via Instagram last week to wish him a happy birthday.

It's anyone's guess if Kardashian's post is the result of an argument with Kim or an attempt to start an all-out sibling social media war, Khloe Kardashian says her brother seems to be struggling with symptoms of depression and anxiety. Hopefully for the Kardashians, they can resolve the awkward tension, have a long talk, and hug it out soon.