Easter Egg Ideas To Inspire You To Get Decorating, Whether You're A Novice Or A Total Pro

If you're a crafty person, then get excited, because it's officially time to start decorating Easter eggs. The following Easter egg ideas range from the simple to the elaborate, but despite the difficulty level of the egg design, these are all show stoppers. Buy a dozen (or more!) eggs, ready your supplies, and get ready to have some fun. (And if you need some tips for how to use up the eggs after the fact, check out these delectable recipes for leftover Easter eggs). Now take a look, and let the creative juices start flowing...

Pattern Eggs

Pull out your mini paint brushes and some colored wax to make these impressive eggs.

Tie-Dye Eggs

The more colors, the better.

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Pastel Eggs

Classic, clean, and easy to make.

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Marbled Eggs

Just perfect.

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Floral Eggs

Add some detail to your eggs after you’ve dyed them by painting on flowers.

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Glitter Eggs

Glitter makes everything better.

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Brightly Colored Eggs

Even if you choose to keep your eggs simple, bright colors will keep them looking lovely.