How to Dress like Nicki for Halloween

While most of your friends will probably either pursue a Miley Cyrus-at-the-VMAs costume or a The Grand Budapest Hotel-themed costume (your hipster friends, anyway), here's a suggestion to break away from the mold: Go as Nicki Minaj's nip-slip. Or just Nicki Minaj. Really, why wouldn't you want to? She's one of the most successful female artists to ever actually make it in rap, she's a feminist icon, she's often the only female featured on male-dominated tracks (Kanye West's "Monster," for instance), and wearing all those wigs would probably be really fun.

But where to start? That's the question. While for a Miley Cyrus costume it would be pretty easy to just find some nude-colored two-piece and start sticking your tongue out at everyone who looked at you, Minaj's style is much more varied — do you go with the cheetah print, or do you go with a pom-pom dress all the colors of the rainbow? So many possibilities!

Luckily for you, Bustle and I are here to help. Here are five tips, illustrated by photos of Minaj herself, to help you navigate the dreaded Halloween costume waters this year. If someone has to ask who you're dressed as, you're not doing it right and should punch them, then run immediately.

1. The Cheetah Print Pasties

Now, this one is the newest, so if you go with it, you'll be the most culturally relevant belle at the ball. Here, we have a picture Nicki Minah posted to her Instagram, showing off her star-shaped, cheetah-print pasties, because she's a bada$$:

2. The Wigs

This is arguably the most important point on here — Minaj loves her wigs. And remember what I said before: If someone has to ask who you are, you're not doing it right, and someone needs to get punched.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

3. The Only-Nicki-Minaj-Can-Pull-This-Off Boob

Remember: Only Nicki Minaj can pull this one off.

4. The Pants That Make You Look Like You Forgot Your Pants

Optional: Microphone that you can hold in front of you like a sound-amplifying penis, so you can tell everyone at the party that your dick is bigger than Miley Cyrus' finger dick.

5. A Friend Dressed as Anna Wintour Who Follows You Around All Night, Glaring Disapprovingly

Best. BFF Costume. Ever.

Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You should now be able to successfully dress like Nicki Minaj for Halloween. If not, sorry, I never claimed to be an expert. Just wear all black and go as one of the dead girls from American Horror Story.