'Veronica Mars' Dad Keith Mars Deserves These 8 Fictional Awards

I think we can all agree that when it comes to television dads, Veronica Mars ' Keith Mars is easily one of the best that has ever entered our lives. He's constantly there for his daughter, protects her, stands up for her, puts her in her place when necessary and is overall just a smart, kind, loving man. He and Veronica are also easily the smartest people living in their little town of Neptune, which is extra clear considering how they're the only people to ever actually solve any crime that happens there. Everyone always talks about the epic romance between Veronica and Logan or, on the flip side, how their relationship is unhealthy and that Veronica should be with Piz. And obviously people can appreciate Keith because it's impossible to deny his sheer awesomeness. But at times, I worry that his perfection is downplayed. And that wrong must be righted here and now.

Because TV fathers (and real fathers for that matter) don't always get the credit they deserve, and because I can't actually think of any awards given out to great TV dads (aside from a slideshow honoring them for Father's Day), I've decided to create my own fictional awards and fictional subdivisions of real, prestigious awards that Keith Mars should absolutely receive, not just as a father but as a fictional human man. Because think about it this way, Veronica wouldn't be anywhere near as awesome as she is without her dear ol' pops, and Veronica Mars wouldn't be anywhere near as awesome without Keith Mars.

The Nobel Prize Of Perfect Fatherdom

Honestly, I cannot stress this enough. I've already stated why Keith is a great dad, but honestly after watching even a single episode of the series, it's easy to tell why he's such a good dad. The clip above is one of his most heroic moments, saving Veronica from Logan's father Aaron Echolls after she discovered he was the one who actually killed her best friend Lily. Veronica had no doubt in her mind that Keith would come save her, and neither did I.

The Purple Heart Of Being A Way Better Cop Than Anyone in Neptune (Aside From Veronica)

How on Earth did the Lamb brothers become and stay sheriff as long as they did over Keith? It makes no sense, they solve absolutely no murders, Keith literally does all of their work and some of the cops are still loyal to him because they're the smart ones.

The Oscar For Wittiest Banter (Male Division)

This. Just so much more of this.

The Over-Protective Dad Award

Hey, it's par for the course. It just comes with the territory of having a dad who was a policeman and still solves crime for a living.

The Roll With The Punches Award For Letting Veronica Do Her Thing (Reluctantly)

Sometimes the best parenting, the only parenting when it comes to Veronica, is to just go with the flow. I can't even count how many times Keith probably told Veronica not to investigate something only to find her doing so later anyway. In this clip, Keith wouldn't risk telling the Neptune High principal that Veronica was in his closet because she could get expelled, so what else was going to do? Let her just keep investigating for the time being.

Private Investigator Medal of Honor

Seriously, Keith is easily the best PI in Neptune (Like Vinnie Van Lowe could ever compete), and he's also only person who really knows how to do his job. He's brave, smart, extremely determined and altogether the perfect crime-fighting package. It's a shame that Neptune hated him after the Lily Kane murder or he would have been sheriff forever.

The Ultimate Dad Award For Terrible Dad Jokes

And here I thought my dad's joke where he literally hangs on to an object when I say "hang on" was the corniest dad joke ever. Actually it might be, Keith's jokes kind of make dad jokes cool... kind of.

The Razzie For Letting Alicia Fennel Get Away

I had to put one negative thing into the mix. Keith was a fool for letting Alicia slip away. These two should have ended up together. Keith + Alicia, the true OTP of Veronica Mars?

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