25 Inexpensive, Not Cheap Holiday Gifts Under $25

When you have a big budget for holiday shopping, picking out a gift is a cinch (okay, or at least easier; I don't know what to get your second cousin thrice removed any more than you do). And, proudly, you cross off everyone for whom you need to buy. But inevitably, there comes that moment after the shopping is done and you've blown through your budget, when you realize there are a few more people at the tail end of your list—oh, like your entire office, that couple hosting a holiday party, and that semi-friend who dropped a subtle hint that she got you something when you totally weren't going to get her anything—and you realize you're not so done with shopping at all. And you basically don't have another dollar to spend.

That's where these this list comes in.

You won't have to shell out much for the picks on this gift guide, whether they’re presents for coworkers or acquaintances, but that doesn't mean they have to look like an afterthought. In fact, they can actually look pretty expensive. The picks on this list cover girls and guys, chefs and readers, stylistas and hosts, artists and foodies. And, yes, we put a cute dog up there to calm your nerves about your credit card statement (or maybe that's just us).

Image: randysonofrobert/flickr

Dipping Plate

Don’t bring yet another a bottle of wine as your next hostess gift. Instead bring this dipping plate, which they’ll use about a billion times over for entertaining. Next-level it with a good olive oil and bread.

Tasting Plate, $25, bedbathandbeyond.com

Geometric Earrings

Modular and minimalist mean they go with anything. Pick black for the low-key girl, or go for magenta for a pop of signature Kate Spade color.

Kate Spade Saturday Cube Earrings, $25, saturday.com

Eye Shadow Box

A shadow box with essential shades from a beauty company that’s naturally based — that’s the best of all worlds.

Tarte Beauty & The Box Eyeshadow Quad , $22, amazon.com

Chocolate Cookbook

If anyone knows chocolate, the Mast Brothers do. Revolutionize the stuff that’s coming out of her oven with their first cookbook. Also, stare at the full-color photos of the brothers’ amazing beards.

Mast Brothers Chocolate: A Family Cookbook, $26.66, amazon.com

Monogramed Stationary

The monogram makes this gift personal, the price makes it doable. Win-win.

Handmade Monogram Chevron Stationery Set, $15, amazon.com

Wine Cooling Pearls

You’ve heard of whisky stones, now meet wine pearls. Same idea — chill the juice without diluting the mix — but this time for the vinophile.

Wine Pearls, $23.23, amazon.com

Coffee Mug

New Yorker? Speak it, Sister.

Fishs Eddy Brooklynese “Cawfee” Mug, $18.98, amazon.com

Sketchbook Journal

The creative type whose Pantone color guide is her Bible will appreciate sketching out the day in one of these.

Pantone Chips Journal, $15, amazon.com

Travel Makeup Brush Set

Long-lasting makeup brushes are good. Long-lasting makeup brushes that can go anywhere are even better. For the busiest girl, these three fit in a purse, gym bag, carry-on… need we keep going?

Sephora Collection Travel Essential Brush Set, $24.99, amazon.com

Dog Bottle Stopper

Greetings, most adorable thing on earth, have we met?

Dachshund Bottle Stopper, $12.99, amazon.com

Nesting Shot Glasses

We’re not entirely sure when you’d need to deploy emergency shot glasses, but should that circumstance arise, your recipient will be more than ready. Four times over.

Nesting Shot Glasses (set of four), $7.83, amazon.com

Short Story Collection

It’s quite possibly the best book of the year, and if she doesn’t already own it, she’ll thank you for bringing it into her life.

Tenth of December by George Saunders, $15.25, amazon.com

Silver Chevron Rings

Too many chevron rings? No such thing. These are sleek, pretty, and just enough.

Double Chevron Ring, $23.90, amazon.com

Slate Coasters

These are as classy as coasters get. Sourced from upstate New York, they’re insanely durable and functional, plus you can write on them with chalk if you’re feeling really possessive about your beverage.

Slate Beverage Coasters (set of four), $24.99, amazon.com

Reusable Produce Bags

What do you get that friend obsessed with her local food co-op? The chicest produce bags money can buy.

Produce Bags, $11.50, amazon.com

Rollerball Perfume

For the beauty hoarder, a rollerball easy to slip into a clutch (a Coach clutch, perhaps?), in a scent that’s soft and unobtrusive. A super-pretty gift at that.

Coach Signature Rollerball, $19.99, amazon.com

Evil Eye Necklace

A little bit of the rose gold trend, plus a little bit of bling. Bring her good fortune with the evil eye while you’re at it.

Hamsa Evil Eye Charm Necklace, $7.90, amazon.com

Circular Sunglasses

These sunnies have the Karen Walker shape without the Karen Walker price tag — and are much more appropriate for the girl who, um, tends to misplace hers every now and again.

zeroUV Circle Sunglasses, $9.99, amazon.com

Polka Dot Pairing Knife

For the chic chef, this is only the cutest paring knife that ever existed.

Kuhn Rikon Geometric Paring Knife in Pink, $12.41, amazon.com

Decorative Glass Bottles

When you walk into her house, you feel like you’re walking into a West Elm catalog. Here: She needs these.

Glass Bottles With Wood Stoppers, $9.49, amazon.com

Arrow Bangle Bracelet

Give her something she’ll wear. This bracelet dresses up or down.

Arrow Wrap Twisted Bangle, $24.99, amazon.com

Double Wine Tote

For the kind of friends who knows that one bottle is never enough.

Bordeaux Double Wine Tote, $18.99, amazon.com

White Truffle Oil

The scent of this finishing oil will make anyone’s stomach swoon, from your foodie friend to your friend who doesn’t yet know she’s a foodie.

White Truffle Oil, $14.95, amazon.com

Updated Striped Shirt

Gifting this updated classic shows you know timeless style. She’ll remember that every time she wears this, because she will. Basically every day.

Cotton Striped Long Sleeve T-shirt, $14, amazon.com

Shatterproof Wine Glasses

These aren’t glass — they’re made of a shatterproof, BPA-free polymer, so they’re perfect for toxin-free drinking on decks or on rooftops.

Govino Wine Glasses (set of four), $14.95, amazon.com