25 Inexpensive, Not Cheap Holiday Gifts Under $25

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When you have a big budget for holiday shopping, picking out a gift is a cinch (okay, or at least easier; I don't know what to get your second cousin thrice removed any more than you do). And, proudly, you cross off everyone for whom you need to buy. But inevitably, there comes that moment after the shopping is done and you've blown through your budget, when you realize there are a few more people at the tail end of your list—oh, like your entire office, that couple hosting a holiday party, and that semi-friend who dropped a subtle hint that she got you something when you totally weren't going to get her anything—and you realize you're not so done with shopping at all. And you basically don't have another dollar to spend.

That's where these this list comes in.

You won't have to shell out much for the picks on this gift guide, whether they’re presents for coworkers or acquaintances, but that doesn't mean they have to look like an afterthought. In fact, they can actually look pretty expensive. The picks on this list cover girls and guys, chefs and readers, stylistas and hosts, artists and foodies. And, yes, we put a cute dog up there to calm your nerves about your credit card statement (or maybe that's just us).

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