These Schools Allegedly Have The Hottest Students

by Sara Levine

Unless you live under a rock, you're aware that March Madness is going on. But if you're like me and you don't care who wins because you went to a D-III school and you fill out your bracket based on which schools you have the most friends at, you might like dating auction site What's Your Price's March Hotness bracket: It's literally a list the colleges with the hottest coeds (allegedly, at least). Now that's a tournament I'd want to watch. Quick, somebody call up ESPN 8: The Ocho — I've got an idea! is a dating site that lets members bid on dates with other users. They ranked their list by pulling information from people registered with .edu email addresses; then they scored various universities on their "attractiveness" based on what people would be willing to pay to go on a date with those universities' students. In case you're wondering, the average offer on was $120 per date, and the top-ranking school pulled in an average of $324 for a first date. I just have two questions: Where is all that money going, and where can I sign up?

Check out the top 10 hottest schools below; I've illustrated them with some entertaining images and and of course added some witty commentary, because I know that's why you all came to read this. You can also check out the list in bracket form.

10. University of Georgia

Even though I didn't go to UGA, I feel an odd sense of pride because I went to college in the same state as one of the hot schools. Is that weird?

9. University of Florida

Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

I mean, I get it. I'm sure everyone's really tan over there.

8. Columbia University

With an average date coming in at $225, I guess you could say Columbia students have beauty and brains.

7. University of Texas at Austin

I guess now I have another reason to go to Austin, aside from SXSW and ACL.

6. Villanova University

Their average date costs $250, so in other words, you could buy a festival ticket just by going on one date.

5. University of Mississippi

Mississippi clocked in at $263.

4. University of Southern California

Great, now I have "California Girls" stuck in my head.

3. University of California Los Angeles

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Why does California get all the love?

2. Rutgers University

But... but it's Jersey. Everything I know is a lie!

1. University of Kansas

People are willing to shell out an average of $324 ($324!) to go out a date with a KU student. Must be something in the water over there.

Images: Mike Mahaffie, Patrick Emerson / Flickr; Giphy (6); Getty Images (2)