Chris Noth Was Told to Slim Down For 'Sex & The City,' Body Issues For Everyone!

We talk a lot in the socially conscious lady-leaning blogging world about the pressures women face in Hollywood when it comes to their bodies. These pressures are very, very real and very, very annoying — and they're also not just faced by women. Which is why hearing that Chris Noth was asked to lose weight for the Sex and the City movie was vaguely refreshing — in that he's not Jennifer Lawrence or one of the other zillions of other starlets pressured into weight loss for Hollywood, but rather a middle-aged man, the type whom Hollywood is generally a little more forgiving with when it comes to looks.

But it was mostly infuriating.

"When we were doing the movie of Sex and the City, [executive producer] Michael Patrick King came up to me and said, 'Listen, dude, we're not calling you Mr. Big because of the size of your stomach, so go lose that before we start shooting,'" Noth said in a recent interview with HuffPost Live .

We still hold that the pressure is heavier on the ladies — we still live in a world where the schlubby guy with the hot lady is a big trope — but Noth's brief anecdote is pretty telling when also paired with the weight loss of actors like Jonah Hill and Seth Rogen.

Sigh. We get it, Hollywood: Hot people sell. But can we stop with the idea that more weight means less hotness, and also with the persistent Hollywood thing of trying to make people change their body types? It's rather exhausting.